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by Farhan Haq

Working for a data driven company who was one of the early adopters of ad LTV tracking technologies, it wasn’t a surprise to me when a colleague from another company asked for my advice about choosing the right partner to track ad revenue coming from his monetisation partners on a more granular way.

Comparing ad LTV vendors with a comprehensive spreadsheet

Since we started tracking our ad LTV in 2017, there has been a number of vendors offering such a service in the market and this entire domain became quite confusing so I was happy to offer my help and together we built a scoring sheet to help him cut through the clutter. I think this sheet would be useful for others as it offers a comprehensive approach and at the same time makes the decision much more objective.

To download the sheet go here


How to use the spreadsheet

Most of the sheet is quite intuitive and most of you have seen similar files before. I also included a short explanation on the items that required it. Here are some other points to note:

Not all companies are the same and some categories that were important to one company might not be as important to you. To work around it you can either delete the row or simply play around with the weights or even zero them out.
If you don’t want to do the legwork, you can send the spreadsheet to the vendor to fill out — if they want the deal they will spend the time to do it.

What does it cover

We focused the spreadsheet on the following categories:

  • Architecture and flexibility of data exporting
  • Integrity and Policies
  • Technology and ad LTV models
  • UA features
  • Monetisation features
  • SDK and integration
  • Commercials
  • Service
  • Ad network and mediation coverage


Final Thoughts

I hope you will find this resource useful. Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn if you want to stay in touch, or have any questions.

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Jess · January 9, 2019 at 17:02

Great Article! it will be great to see a filled one with all top vendors

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