Ad Monetization – Consulting

Do you want to increase your mobile app ad revenue?

Do you have a game and you want to add rewarded videos, interstitials or offerwall? What is the best ad type for your app? How many ad placement you want to add without hurting your IAPs? Have you considered to use a mediation layer?

If you want answers to these questions and more, just contact me and I can run an audit and define the key improvements needed, which KPIs have to be monitored and how to spot the best adnetworks to work with.

We can find the perfect plan to achieve your goals, based on the size and needs of your company, from an hourly based collaboration to a more structured “ad-hoc” deal.

To have a brief idea of the tasks I can cover:

Placement Review A preliminary check of the ad configuration is a must to understand the potential of your app. Are you showing ads in the right place, at the right time, to the right user segment?
New Placement suggestions Rewarded Videos, Interstitials, Offerwall.. which ad type is the best fit for your app? Where to include them? Choosing the right combination will make a difference not only in revenue but also in the user experience.
KPI analysis There are several factors to monitor to get the best out of your ad monetisation, it’s common to think that high eCPM equals to good performance but this isn’t (completely) true and many other KPIs must be taken in consideration (fill rate, unique impressions, engagement, frequency..).
Ad Networks Review In which country is the majority of the user base located? What is the platform split? Is your fill rate high enough? Having the right mix of providers can make a difference and improve the KPIs.
Waterfall Optimization If ads are shown through a mediation platform, optimization is a key task. Seasonality, events or deals can have an impact on the performance of the traffic and constant monitoring is required. Also, issues with a provider should be spotted fast, to reduce crashes and complains.
eCPM Floors To push even more the ad revenues, creating eCPM floors with the main ad networks and setting them up on the mediation platform is a mandatory step.
Daily KPI Checks Regular checks on the main KPIs are required to intervene quickly in case of opportunities or issues.
Ad Network Weekly Follow Up Being in constant touch with the providers is crucial. Scheduled follow-ups help in many ways: they bring the best traffic to the publisher, keep the SDKs up to date or agree on bonus tiers. Thanks to my experience, I established a deep relationship with the most important providers in the market.
Blacklist Review Are you blacklisting competitors? Maybe you are losing money or maybe you should filter out more ads. It is important to find the right balance to avoid churning or missing on revenues.
LiveOps There are several ways to increase revenues and engage new users: limited time events, special rewards or changing impression caps. The goal is to find the right solutions for every app.
Tools Testing The mobile market is very vibrant, new tools are appearing every day to help in several topics. The aim is to test anything which might bring value whether it is an SDK analyser, an ad-revenue tracker per user or a header-bidding system etc.
A/B test planning Once new opportunities are spotted, A/B tests are key to understanding the real impact on the app. No estimation should be taken for real nor new features should be launched before testing them.
Customer Support Feedback A constant communication with the customer support is very important to understand how ad monetization is perceived by the user base. What do your users like about ads? What do they not? Is everything working correctly? Being responsive on issues could avoid having unhappy users!

If you are interested to know more or simply define a tailor made plan for your necessities, contact me!