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By Amir Tapiro


SOOMLA: Industry’s First Mobile Ad LTV Benchmarks Report – Q4 2018


For the first time in the mobile industry, SOOMLA (funded 2.5m USD on December 2018), the market leader in mobile monetization measurement, published a unique report that we believe is a must read for any mobile app marketer. Furthermore, SOOMLA plans to turn this into a series of reports that will serve as benchmarks for the entire industry while also providing a pulse on mobile monetization levels and uncovering important trends.

Who Is The Report For?

SOOMLA designed this report with app marketers in mind. More specifically, app marketers with an advertising component in their monetization mix. SOOMLA believes it will be highly beneficial for mobile game marketers in the categories of casual and hyper-casual. That said, SOOMLA also expects it will be an interesting read for anyone in the industry: ad-networks, monetization partners, mediation companies, UA agencies, vendors and consultants.


What’s In The Report?

The report focuses on ad LTV – the advertising revenue made by new users who install the app over the lifetime of their activity. LTV is a critical component in any marketing measurement strategy and the advertising part of it (the ad LTV) is growing in importance. The report offers breakdowns to multiple dimensions and highlights the dimensions that have a great impact on Ad LTV.

Key Takeaways

According to SOOMLA, It is recommended to download the report and spending a few minutes on all the data. That said, here are 2 highlights:

  • Variance in Ad LTV across different dimensions is as high as 3.5x even when averaging the results across hundreds of apps
  • It’s important to have your own app Ad LTV measured by a reliable 3rd party for each single user

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SOOMLA’s platform allows app marketers to measure user level ad LTV, attribute ad revenue to marketing activity and target ad whales via various marketing channels. Furthermore, monetization teams can use our platform to evolve a data-driven approach to optimizing their ad inventory. Finally, we provide raw data access that allows the entire organization to make better decisions.

SOOMLA Is the only company which is unbiased, and 100% focused on measuring in-app ads.



Shumel · May 1, 2019 at 21:11

That’s really interesting! how they collect the data?

    Digital Limbo · May 9, 2019 at 17:08

    Hey Shumel, for my understanding through the SDK they integrate in the apps!

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