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When it comes to ad monetization in mobile gaming, a classic setup implies using a mediation platform and integrating several Ad Networks to make them compete in the waterfall, in order to maximize the fill rate and global eCPM.

The way the mediation communicate with these Ad Network is through the so-called adapters (or SDKs) which keep evolving to include new features and to assure compatibility with the latest mobile operating systems.

Having old SDKs might lead to several problems:

  • Revenue loss →  imagine a network is allowing advertisers to launch playable ads campaigns but your SDK is old and your app is not able to show these campaigns. You are missing out a potentially big share of demand
  • OS compatibility → Apple and Google often change their standards, the Ad Network are adapting their software accordingly to comply with new requirements. It could happen that the delivery from one network would suddenly stop, if the adapter is too old
  • Reporting→ your mediation platform won’t display data from the network correctly (eCPM, revenue..) complicating the decision-making process as everything needs to be checked also on the network dashboard
  • Bug fixes → each version will fix existing bugs, resulting in a better user experience overall
  • Legal → making sure that Ad Networks are complying with rules such as GDPR and COPPA

Facebook Audience Network in their Monetization Manager shows very clearly the implications of having an old SDK:

Making sure that the adapters are up to date is a key part of ad monetization, therefore my strong advice is to schedule regular updates to both mediation SDK and Ad Networks integration.

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