Offerwall Best Practices

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While direct optimization is not really an option when it comes to Offerwall, there are still a few tips and tricks which not only can help prevent and solve issues, but can also improve the engagement and performance of this particular ad-type.

  • Reward Delivery: there should be a clear way to show when the reward is received once the tasks have been completed by the users. It could be through a notification, a graphic effect or both. Otherwise it can happen that the player doesn’t even notice when the reward is sent, leading them to opening a ticket which creates a lot of unnecessary back-and-forth between the parts involved.
  • Ticket instructions: a small tutorial could help the users not only to verify once again that they have completed the tasks properly, but also to make sure that, if a ticket is created, all the relevant info is added. This small adjustment can save a lot of time for the customer support.
  • Ticket tracking: as several subjects are involved in fixing a potential issue (publisher, offerwall provider, advertiser, user); it could be a good idea to have a shared spreadsheet between the publisher and the OW provider with the status of each incident and all the important information (user ID, date, platform, geo, nature of the issue..). This will make the follow-up much easier.
  • UX/UI: let the OW appear in the right moment and in the right place in the game core loop. The rewards must satisfy a specific need; ideally, they should be other than the ones obtained from Rewarded Videos, so the 2 types of ads are not overlapping or decreasing engagement with each other.
  • Currency exchange rate: test different values to find the right balance in your game economy. The reward should be enough to help the user in a specific moment of the core loop but without driving him away from completing an in-app purchase or even engaging with other ad-types such as rewarded videos.
  • Live Ops: running limited-time events where the rewards are doubled can lead to an increase in ad revenues and even encourage users to engage with the Offerwall also after the event. Use a clear pop-up/notification when the event is live so the users are pushed to complete offers.

Do you have any other best practice for the offerwall ads?


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