Ad Monetization Prediction for 2022

Published by Jacopo Guanziroli on

2021 was definitely an interesting year: iOS14 and the changes it brought, brand ads finally appearing more consistently in mobile games, consolidation of the big players on the market. But what are the ad monetization prediction for 2022? What should we expect during next year?

From my perspective I foresee, as a more common approach, that gaming developers will start user segmentation according to preferences around privacy.

Publishers relying mainly on ad networks with better targeting were impacted by the changes of iOS14, so segmentation becomes key to keep serving targeted ads to users who are willing to share their consent.

In parallel, contextual advertising will become more important: the fact that big players like Facebook are looking into it speaks for itself. Exploring new ad types such as in-game native, audio ads or rewarded surveys could be another interesting solution for publishers. Or perhaps offerwalls will come back in fashion, especially if Ironsource will present something new after their acquisition of Tapjoy. All these market changes will also help to increase the importance of brand advertising in mobile games over performance marketing.

Also, merges and acquisitions (Applovin and Mopub, Vungle and Liftoff or Zynga and Chartboost to mention a few) have happened very often this year and I don’t see this trend slowing down in 2022. Companies want to consolidate their position but also enter new spaces within the mobile industry. The race for better results is not only passing through the relations between publishers/ad networks/advertisers but also extended to different kinds of tools: analytics, tracking, ad quality dashboards and other services.

For this reason, several companies are trying to offer an “all-in-one” software suite to fulfil every possible need in one place.

What do you think is waiting for us in 2022?


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