Cool Tool: App-Ads.txt update sheet

Published by Jacopo Guanziroli on

Without going into too much details (you can find a deep explanation here), the App-Ads.txt file is a list of providers authorized to sell their in-app inventory in the publisher app.
This list must be uploaded to the URL the publisher uses on its App/Play Store page and crawlers will find this information and validate the seller’s authorization.

Ideally, this file needs to be updated regularly to maximize the performance of ad monetization. Depending on the number of ad networks integrated into the publisher’s app, this list can be very long and keeping track of all the changes can be challenging.

For this reason, I created a very basic tool to help you with the maintenance of the App-Ads.Txt file after its first creation.

Open the App-Ads.Txt Tool and save your copy, replace the list on column A with your actual entries.
If your providers suggest to add new lines, you can copy/paste this new information on column B and the tool will check if you already have this authorized seller or not.

Just add the missing ones to your original list, update the txt file and upload it once again to your publisher URL.


Extra tip: there is an additional use of this tool: whenever you are considering to add a new ad network to your mediation stack, ask them to share their app-ads.txt with you. You can compare it with your existing file and spot any possible overlap: this will help you in the decision making and possibly save a lot of time if the integration doesn’t add much value to your actual inventory.


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