In a lock-down, is the glass really half empty?

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Being in a long-distance relationship is never easy, doing it for 4.5 years is demanding, it requires patience and sacrifice, but we do it for the best reason: love.

During those years I learned a lesson which is valid for the current situation: to focus on what you have in the present, either when we are close to our loved ones or far away, and don’t think of what you can not do. It’s basically the same old question: is the glass half empty or half full?

We live in a world of high pace, where we are used to comparing ourselves to what we see on social media, hence our glass always seems emptier than other’s.

We want to be surprised every moment otherwise we get bored, we want to be constantly entertained and barely take some time for ourselves.

Many people are now in lockdown, confined in their homes and they are not used to it; it’s hard to slow down, to change habits and to avoid thinking that they miss going for a run, having a beer with friends or visit relatives.

But this is the moment to look at our half full glass, to focus on what we can actually do and change our pace: call an old friend, read a book, play a boardgame with your family or a videogame online with your friends, meditate, start practicing yoga with YouTube lessons, cook a new dish, clean your apartment or repair whatever you never have time to fix (and yes, there is also work but I’ll leave this topic for another post!).

We have the possibility to change perspective, to adapt and rediscover little things in life.

If we keep trying to fit these new circumstances around our regular life , we will suffer. We must look at the positive aspects of a situation. And more importantly, #StayHome and stay safe!

And if you wonder, fortunately my girlfriend and I start living together just 10 days before the lock-down!

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