Digital Pill: Best Practices for Ad Monetization Waterfall

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I’ve been recently asked about best practices when it comes to waterfall optimization to increase ad revenues, here my tips:


  • Identify the best mediation platform and ad networks mix based on the DAUs and platform distribution (i.e. having DAUs mainly in China iOS could be different than optimizing for US Android and so on)


  • Make sure the fill rate on average is close to 99%, also to avoid complains from users which are not able to watch a video


  • Run everything in auto-mediation leaving the algorithm to decide the ad networks ranking, keep an eye on the KPIs and after some days start using a manual setup per geo


  • If supported by the mediation layer, create instances (also named zones/calls/ad units, depending on the network) with eCPM floors on each ad network dashboard and set them up on the mediation platform.


  • Keep optimizing the waterfall starting from the App/Platform/Geo with the most DAUs to maximize the impact on the overall revenues


  • Make sure SDKs are up to date and keep an open channel with the networks/mediation account managers for new features and improvements

What do you think? What are your best practices?


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