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How many ad networks should I integrate into my mediation setup?

Should I create multiple eCPM floors?

Is it necessary to set up a waterfall per geo?

Many publishers and developers have these doubts, but before answering, the main question is:

Is there enough ad-impressions volume?

This is extremely important because whenever we are adding a new network in the stack, defining an eCPM floor or splitting the waterfall by country, we are basically fragmenting our traffic.

When a network is not receiving enough requests, it will be hard for their algorithm to optimize the ad delivery, even more if an eCPM floor is set.

Same thing when we pass from one waterfall for all countries to waterfall per tier or even per geo.

With a low volume of daily impressions, it’s very likely to see the eCPM (and so the revenue) on a rollercoaster, with sudden ups and downs. This is due to the fact that, as advertisers are bidding CPI, one install after a video that has been watched can considerably impact on the metrics without a high ad delivery.

High volumes will stabilize eCPM and revenues hence running tests and optimizations will make much more sense.

But how many impressions are needed? It’s difficult to give a precise number, but what you can do is to use this link below and run a simulation based on the Click Through Rates and Conversion Rates you see in your own user acquisition campaigns.


Through this model it’s possible to estimate the hypothetical install volume from the ads shown in your app, the higher it is, the higher is the chance to see a steady eCPM and start testing.

You can use the model to run an overall estimation or per segment (platform, country, network, eCPM floor placement..) as the principle behind it is the same.

So, for example, if overall your app is delivering 9000 daily impressions with:

  •         3 ad networks
  •         1% CTR estimated
  •         30% Conversion Rate estimated

And every ad network receives 3000 requests, they might deliver around 9 installs each.

If on top of that we segment by country, this number can decrease further and KPIs will not be stable into time. Same thing adding eCPM floors, we could spend a long time for the setup but without seeing any improvement afterwards.

So, are you sure that you need so many integrated providers? Or multiple calls? Or a waterfall for each country?


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